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The Duo - custom designed pillow doll set

$ 90.00



Our custom pillow dolls are personalized and designed to mirror your little.  A keepsake for years to come, and a great personal gift.


This listing is for an original (full sized) pillow doll and an exact matching mini.

These are shaped pillows, approximately 15"x10"x4", and 8"x6"x2" for the minis.  (You can refer to our Instagram @asher.and.olive to see some happy kiddos with their ASHER + Olive pillow dolls to judge size)  We create the design to mimic the image of the child the pillow doll is for.  There are standard options to choose from (see last photo), however you must submit photo(s) that we will design the pillow from (we will need images of the outfit desired regardless).  Please reference the last few images of this listing for eye, mouth, and skin choices.  Hair color and styles are designed to reflect the child's appearance in the photo(s) submitted.

In addition to the options you select in this listing, you can send us an email ( with a photo of the child the doll is for in the desired outfit (flat-lay of the outfit is just fine, we will not fabricate anything, items not pictured will not be included). The sooner we get this information, after receiving your order, the sooner we can begin work on your pillow!  If you are not submitting a photo OF THE CHILD, we will still need images of the outfit and this additional information emailed to us:

 *   Hair color (see last photo of listing)
 *   Desired hair style (see our IG for hairstyles we've done - @asher.and.olive )
 *   Submit photo of the outfit desired (anything not pictured, such as shoes, will not be included - we will not fabricate the outfit or accessories)


PLEASE REFERENCE YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN THE need to type the order number out, not take a photo of it, because we cannot look up the correspondence pertaining to your order number if it is only a photo of the number.


Once you've purchased and we receive all the above information, design of your pillow doll will begin shortly!  We will place a print order for the fabric for your doll, typically within a couple days of when your digital design is posted to our Instagram account. Once we receive the printed fabric, your pillow will likely be completed and shipped within 7-12 days. We ship USPS Priority Mail so once you receive shipping confirmation, you should receive your order within 3-4 business days (if you live within the US).  You will receive an email from PayPal with your tracking number - this means the label has printed, not that your package has shipped, once the package is intercepted by the carrier, then the priority 1-3 day applies.


Final design is up to the discretion of ASHER + Olive.  


This entire process can take 6-8 weeks (from when we receive customization information to when we ship), we do however aim for around 5-6 week turnaround.  We do, however, reference in our policies that we reserve the right to extend this if needed.  If you have a deadline to meet feel free to let us know the date in the notes at checkout, or there is a RUSH option available as well - due to the amount of time that the process is out of our hands, we will not "guarantee" timelines.  Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.  See our home page for the steps of our design and creation process.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Once you receive your order, we’d love to see your child with it!

If you post on Instagram, please tag us - @asher.and.olive  

And, you can follow us on Facebook -


Pillow designs are created digitally, then printed onto fabric.  Fabric is soft, bright white, 100% organic cotton sateen that prints vibrantly.  Stuffed with an eco-friendly FiberFil.  Lightweight recycled polyester fibers.  Non-allergenic fill.

Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Inks have been tested to ensure that they contain none of the substances prohibited by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and is safe for infant or pet use.  They have been tested for harmful chemicals and are found to be safe for use by everyone!  Like most textiles, this fabric will burn if exposed to flame or direct heat.  Fabric has not been treated with fire retardant chemicals.

Pillow is for decorative use.  Please refer to the AAP and CDC for information on proper and safe infant and toddler sleeping standards.



Due to the custom and handmade nature of our products - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please feel free to send any comments, questions, or concerns our way and we will do our best to accommodate you!



If this item says "sold out", it is because this batch is full.  Please follow us on Instagram @asher.and.olive - we will post when we will open for the next batch.

These pillow dolls are $90 with FREE shipping.



Photo Credit:

Sisters with Duo Sets - IG: @alittlejandk

Girl with Duo and Tsum Tsums - IG: @cherylandava

Girl with Duo set and TeePee - IG: @littleoneschicbowtique

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