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The Mermaids

$ 35.00



*** Images are of digital design, IRL images coming shortly ***


Our Mermaid pillow dolls are great decorations or buddies for your little!

These are shaped pillows, approximately 15"x10"x4"", 8"x6"x2" for the minis, and teeny plush is 4"x2"x1".  The colors shown are the only colors these are available in at this time.  Each mermaid is only available in the color shown for each mermaid design.


These are available as individual mini and full size pillow dolls, but also in complete sets of four (in mini of full size) at a lower price for purchasing the complete set at once!  (Discount is ONLY available for a "set" purchase, and not applicable to completing your set in the future.) 

Once you've purchased we will place a print order for the fabric for your doll, typically within a week or two of your order. Once we receive the printed fabric, your pillow should be completed and shipped within 7-10 days. We ship USPS Priority Mail so once you receive shipping confirmation, you should receive your order within 3-4 business days. Final design is up to the discretion of ASHER + Olive.  Our shop turnaround time is 5-8 weeks, however for these standard/non-custom designs, we try to keep it around 4-5 week turnaround (though we reserve the right to extended time needed as outlined in our policies).  Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.  See our home page for the steps of our design and creation process.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Once you receive your order, we’d love to see your child with it!

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Pillow designs are created digitally, then printed onto fabric.  Fabric is a lightweight and buttery soft, 100% combed cotton.  Stuffed with an eco-friendly FiberFil.  Lightweight recycled polyester fibers.  Non-allergenic fill.

Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Inks have been tested to ensure that they contain none of the substances prohibited by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and is safe for infant or pet use.  They have been tested for harmful chemicals and are found to be safe for use by everyone!  Like most textiles, this fabric will burn if exposed to flame or direct heat.  Fabric has not been treated with fire retardant chemicals.

Pillow is for decorative use.  Please refer to the AAP and CDC for information on proper and safe infant and toddler sleeping standards.



Due to the custom and handmade nature of our products - ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Please feel free to send any comments, questions, or concerns our way and we will do our best to accommodate you!



If this item says "sold out", it is because we no longer have fabric for these ON HAND and are not currently taking made-to-order purchases (likely due to our current workload).  Please follow us on Instagram @asher.and.olive - we post all updates there, such as:  if we are not restocking this particular set of holiday designs, or if we received more fabric and adjusted inventory.

These pillow dolls are $35 for minis and $55 for full sized with FREE shipping.

Complete set of four minis - $125, Complete set of four full sized - $200 all with FREE shipping.




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