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Turnaround Time

Our turn around time is anywhere from 5-8 weeks.  This is an estimate.  This is determined by our workload, number of orders, time of year, and how fast our printer is getting fabric printed and shipped to us.  We try to keep orders moving as rapidly as possible, but 5-6 weeks is currently about average.  If you follow us on Instagram (link at the bottom of this page) you will see updates on the status of our orders as they become available.
Our turnaround begins and ends from when we have received all images and customization information to when your package ships.
Once we receive payment and customization information, if applicable, design of your pillow will begin shortly!  We will place a print order for the fabric for your doll, typically within a week or two of your order.  Once we receive the printed fabric, your pillow should be completed and shipped within 7-10 days.  We ship USPS priority mail, so once you receive shipping confirmation, you should receive your order within 1-4 business days (domestic). 
Final design of the pillow doll is up to the discretion of ASHER + Olive.

Under any circumstances, if we get overwhelmed with requests/orders, we reserve the right to extend the time needed to create/ship and we will do our best to inform you of any additional time delays. Please, always, feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.


Our domestic shipping is now FREE!
We ship USPS priority mail for domestic orders, to ensure your order gets to you safely and quickly.  Depending upon your location shipping is typically 1-3 days domestically. 
If you have any special requests for shipping, such as UPS, FedEx or expedited, please send us a message before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you. There may be additional shipping fees per request.
We currently do not, and have no intention of, shipping over seas.  As tempting as it is to offer this option, it is not a good fit for our shop at this time.  We ship domestic United States, and to Canada at this time.  Due to potential customs delays - there are no shipping timelines when shipping to Canada.  Canada orders ship first-class, and are at a discounted rate due to our standard ship fees being factored into our pricing.
** Any customs fees or additional taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.  Packages returned due to refusal to pay potential fees will not be refunded **
Once your package has shipped - your order is in the hands of the carrier.
ASHER + Olive assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged goods in the hands of the carrier.  Nor does ASHER + Olive have any control or guarantee over the time the carrier takes to deliver the package(s).
Any issues with damaged, lost, or stolen packages, or timeliness of delivery should be taken up with the buyers post master.  All domestic orders ship priority mail (insured to $50) and claims can be filed by the buyer.
Please verify all shipping information prior to purchasing.  PayPal offers buyer and seller protection.  Seller protection is void if the address is altered from what you have on your PayPal account.  For this reason, we cannot ship to an alternate address. 

 Stuffing, Fabric, Print Variations

Our pillow doll designs are created digitally, and then are printed onto 100% certified organic cotton sateen.  The fabric is soft and has a subtle sheen.  Inks have been tested to ensure that they contain none of the substances prohibited by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and is safe for infant or pet use.  They have been tested for harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and lead) and are found to be safe for use by everyone.  Fabric is laundered prior to assembly.
The cut and sewn fabric is then stuffed with a polyester fiberfil.  Non-allergenic.
Our custom pillow dolls are custom, one-of-a-kind, single run (we only print one) items.
As such, there are some variations that can occur that are part of the natural single run and handcrafted process.  The pillow dolls are all pinned, sewn, cut, stuffed and sewn shut by my hands.  No two will be the same, in looks or feel, which is a beautiful part of the one-of-a-kind handmade process.
When printing, there are occasional anomalies which are considered a natural part of single run prints.  These include but are not limited to:  small voids where lint may have been on the material during printing and washed off when laundered, small variations in color, natural pull to the design as the fabric stretches during printing, and small variations on the fabric itself.  We do our best to look over all material after laundering as assembly is taking place to ensure these variations and characteristics are minor and do not compromise the product or design.  In the occasion that pull in the printed design or voids of ink are large enough to damage the design itself, we will contact you regarding reprinting the fabric (initial inspection is up to the discretion of ASHER + Olive).  
During our first year, only two pillow dolls had to be reprinted for this reason - one had a drastic wave in the print that compromised the design of the front and back of the pillow, and the other appeared to have a large amount of thread laying on the fabric of the front of the pillow when printed, which washed away when laundered and left a large squiggly void in the center of the outfit.
Only fabric for two pillows out of 800 were deemed unfit to proceed.
 Shape variations may also occur as these are hand measured and hand fed through the sewing machine to create the "shaped" effect, and each pillow has it's own unique shape because the seam line follows the unique design created for each pillow.  
We attempt to be consistent with density and what-not while filling the pillow dolls as well.  These are, however, also done by hand and shape of the pillow can also have an effect on this. 
We mainly used a polyfil in 2016 which had a more natural fiber feel - denser, more easy to manipulate the shape of, but also a little more lumpy and heavy.  We consistently experienced sourcing issues for this, and as such began using a lighter, fluffier, more consistent textured polyfil as a backup at the end of the year.  The only difference with these is the feel...their makeup is the same.
However, due to consistency, sourcing, and labor in use - we have switched to the former at the beginning of 2017.
In addition to all of this, there may also be some variation in "proportions" of the design itself.  There is a size constraint when printing, so we have a limited area to fill when creating your pillows design.  Designs with taller or higher hair/hats, wider hair/skirts, etc... will require being sized down (usually only to about 98%) of the typical sizing of our pillow dolls.  The finished pillow doll size will be the same as any other pillow with no hat/pants/etc... because we are still maximizing the available fabric yardage available, however proportions may appear slightly smaller.
When multiple pillow dolls are ordered at once (for two siblings for example) we will typically size the proportions for all pillow dolls on the order the same so there is consistency within your order.

Design Limitations and Our "Extra Love" Listing

When submitting image(s) to be used for the design of your pillow doll, please understand that the image(s) submitted is the ONLY view we have of the precious one we are designing.  We do not know what your children look like in real life or on a daily basis.  If you submit an image for hair - the hairstyle of the digital design will match the image submitted as closely as possible within restraints of the ability to recreate it.  If you submit an image for coloring - the submitted image is ALL we have to go off if you need to clarify in your email, please do so, but we may/may not be able to tell if the lighting in the photo is off from reality/what you want.
In addition to this, there is only so much that can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of design time to recreate the outfit submitted for the pillow doll design.
These designs are our interpretation of the image(s) you've submitted, and as stated in the item description, are not designed based off of a consultation.
ASHER + Olive reserves the right to determine the final design.
When submitting complicated designs, patterns, outfits with many elements, etc...  these will be simplified and created as closely as is reasonably possible within a reasonable amount of time.
Many busy patterns/prints on fabric, as well as graphics on T shirts are recreated by literally taking them straight from the image(s) you submit to us.  So, if these are what you desire to be included, very clear images of the clothing items laid flat are required.
Some of these items may require additional time for editing and creating your digital image.  This would include detailed T shirt graphics, busy fabric prints, outfits with a lot of detail and/or accessories.
All of this adds to the standard amount of time we spend on the actual digital design part of the process, and will require extra labor.
These may be accomplished by purchasing our add-on listing with your order:  Extra Love Required.
Purchasing Extra Love Required does not mean the digital will "exactly" match your image(s).
Mini sized pillow dolls, unless they are a "copycat" of a full size design (purchased via Duo or Copycat listing), MUST BE SIMPLE.  This is due to both the fact that size doesn't effect the amount of time/labor spent creating your pillow doll and for printability reasons.  As stated in the item description, if a mini is purchased and overly complicated designs are being requested, your order will be cancelled.  Prints/patterns will be simplified, outfit accessories may be approved on a case-by-case basis, and even most T shirt graphics will either be simplified, altered, or omitted.
Design elements as a whole will likely be simplified to accommodate a Mini.
The standard options that you can select, aside from submitting images for hair style and outfit, include eye and mouth style, hair color, and skin tone.  These elements are part of the "base" and cannot vary from the options we've provided in each listing.  
** please note, as the body of our digital designs is the standard base and hair/outfit are the parts created for customization, we will not amend the standard base design.  the characters will not hold anything and will not have earrings as there are no ears present and after attempts it does not look right and complicates the design process **

Back Designs and Personalization

In our custom listings, there is an optional box that requests: 1- child's room color and/or theme  2- child's name.  This is for the design of the pillow doll back fabric.  Just like the front design, these are not created based off of a consultation.  These backs are an added bonus to the custom design you've purchased and the final design (as with the fronts) is up to the discretion of ASHER + Olive.
The back will be made up of a pattern of some sort and have the child's name written.
(Patriot listings have a shield or logo representing military branch or department and no names)
The pattern is determined by the information provided regarding the bedroom theme and/or color.  When left blank, the backing is created based off of inspiration drawn from the front.
The child's name is written in a font and color determined in the same way.

The only option to specify information for the backs is:

1- to fill out the box with the requested information

2- if you have SEEN a specific back pattern you like

3- you can request a "style" of font or color (such as simple, block, script)

However, as these are a bonus to the design and not based off a consultation, there is not a set list to choose from.
(Yes, we have considered this being part of the customization process or having a set list.  
However, this complicates listings, there will still be requests for more personal designs aside from a set choice, and the pricing would need to go up if the backs were considered part of your customization...
currently, they are an added bonus, as they were a surprise to our first grouping of orders until photos began getting posted.)

Returns, Exchanges, Refunds

Due to the custom, personalized, and handmade nature of our products,
There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on any orders.


Custom Order Expiration Deadline

Once you've placed your order for a custom pillow doll, you have up to three (3) weeks to contact me about your custom order with image(s).  
** (2016 orders that have not had all images submitted and approved by June 1st, 2017 will be absorbed into this policy as well and the following will apply according to original order date.) **
Once we hit the 6 week date from order date - your custom order will be considered fulfilled.  If you have purchased during a sale that ends, and/or prices change before you are able to re-place your order - the pricing and policies active on the new order date will apply, there will be no discounts, and any coupons used will be lost.
If purchasing a full size pillow doll as a gift, for your recipient to design, ("The Gift" item listing) - you are still simply ordering a pillow doll, it is not a "gift card" in that it is money toward the shop.
These will need their images submitted within three (3) months of original order date.
Date images required by will be written in mm/dd/yy format, 
discreetly on the corner of the card, for reference.
Once the 3 month date arrives - the order will be considered fulfilled.  Re-ordering will apply as stated above.
By purchasing you agree to this, as there is an agreement checkbox required at checkout.

Design and Image Usage

ASHER + Olive reserves the right to determine the final design of any product we produce.  Designs are not created on a consultation - you choose your options and place your order, and we deliver you a product that we reserve the right to creative license for.
In addition to which - these designs are the property of ASHER + Olive and can be used for the purpose we desire.  If you submit an image to us - we reserve the right to use this image to show in our portfolio and social media WITH the created image, as an example of our created designs.  Under no circumstances will these images be used for any other purpose without express written permission.  If you do not wish your images to be used, please email us and tell us, we must receive a written request.  If you share an image with us once you've received your product, we will ask if we may share and assume permission to use in our portfolio and our social media if permission is granted (again, they will not be used for any other purpose).
All images on our website and our social media are the property of ASHER + Olive and cannot be used by anyone elsewhere without prior written consent and cannot be used by a third party thereafter.

Privacy - Personal Information

Under no circumstances will we ever sell or publish your personal information.  First name or social media handle may be used to show who's image or product we are displaying.
As with images noted above...  Prior written communication expressing you do not wish to be "tagged", or otherwise, is required. 
Please note that not being tagged, or not having an image posted at all, means you will not see your order until you receive it.

** Any of our prices, policies (or anything we desire) is/are subject to change at any time without notice. **



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